Revolutionise Railway Tracks in Future

€15 million project to revolutionise railway tracks

Institute of Railway Research to play key role in the CAPACITY4RAIL project to develop modular, all-steel track sections embedded with fibre optics

Innovative steel-track construction by Tata-Steel prototype from previous EU project INNOTRACK 

Pictured: Innovative steel-track construction prototype by Tata-Steel, on which the Institute of Railway Research was closely involved, developed from the EU-backed INNOTRACK project.

SINCE the advent of railways in the 1800s, tracks have been laid by fixing individual rails to individual sleepers on a bed of ballast.  Now, a team of University of Huddersfield researchers is to break with tradition and work on the development of modular, all-steel track sections that can be laid quickly and embedded with fibre optic technology, which provides instant safety alerts.  This could lead to massive cost savings and gains in efficiency.


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