USFD Policy Letters

Tender_Outsourcing_: Tenders for outsourcing of USFD testing of Rails/Welds by Zonal Railways. Ltr  No. Track/21/200410902/7/Vol.Il  dated 22.04.15.

USFD4_18062014 : Data bank of Rail/weld fractures.No. Track/21/991091 0/7  Vol.IV  dated Lt’18.06.14.

USFD5_26032014 : Review of eligibility criteria and other technical conditions for calling tenders for outsourcing of USFD testing.No. Track/21/2004/0902/7  dated 26.03.14.

USFD7_08022012: Report by Committee of Directors on “outsourcing of USFD testing of  Rails No. Track/21/2004/0902/7Pt. dated 08.02.12

USFD8_07072009 : Adoption of Digital ultrasonic flaw detecting machines on IR. Ltr No  Track/21/2002/0905/7 dated 07.07.2009

USFD8A_27022012 : Phasing out of Analogue SRT/DRT Machines.No. Track/21/2002/0905/7/Vol.lI dated 27.02.12