Group Discussion Questions on USFD for Comments/Suggestion

Outcomes of the discussion held at NDT-RDSO/LKO during 143rd Refresher Course. We 52 trainees from different zonal railways  unanimously agreed and satisfied with the following points described as here under:

  1. Painted flange of AT Welds cannot be tested.
  2. Corroded flange of AT Welds cannot be tested.
  3. Alignment of DRT Trolly is frequently disturbed.
  4. Authority letter for DRT/SRT Trolly to be carried in Train and arrangement of road vehicle for USFD Team & M/c.
  5. Limitations of USFD TESTING should be clearly mentioned in USFD Manual.
  6. 45degree Probe can be used to scan Rail from top to bottom.
  7. Insert Guidelines in USFD Manual for Service FB Weld testing and its defect classification with action to be taken.
  8. Consideration of CC+8T; CC+6T factors on fixing the testing frequency .
  9.  Half Moon Deffects are found in initial AT Weld testing.
  10. In the CS3  para no 6.3.2 there should be amendment for the any two or more defects found within 4meter either during USFD Testing of Rails or Welds must be treated as IMR.
  11. Practical & Physical illustration of SEJ Flange testing is not taught as per USFD Manual Para no 11.9.4 at NDT- RDSO/LKO.
  12. During USFD Testing of AT Welds by Tendum Rig, 50mm(approx) from the bottom of the Rail flange towards head remains untested.
  13. In case of USFD Testing by Side Looking Probe, maximum limit to detect Half Moon is upto 10mm from rail flange.
  14. With respect to para 8..16.b(iii) ( CS3 Pnt no 8) the defect signal observed at the weld collar from one end May or May not get confirmed from other end due unfavourable orientation of flaw should be classified as defect.
  15. There is no provision in the USFD Manual for classifican & marking of any visual abnormality found during USFD testing of Rails & Welds.


Comments are invited please: