The latest innovation from Sperry, our exclusive X-Fire technology uncovers difficult to fund defects before they become a liability. The obliquely angled probes call out flaws that are difficult to find with standard ultrasonics alone, such as reverse detail fractures and transverse defects in spite of certain surface conditions such as head checking, shells, and worn rail profile is the most advanced available today.


Sperry’s induction technology accurately uncovers potentially catastrophic defects in the head of the rail such as transverse defects and vertical split heads. Our induction technology is more tolerant of lateral position and surface anomalies such as grease than any other testing method.

Standard Ultrasonics

For full head to base coverage, we apply ultrasonics via our Roller Search Units (RSUs). Sperry RSUs ensure uniform and constant contact with the rail, even when applied to less than perfect rail conditions, ensuring higher defect-detection ratios.


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